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BIG ENDORSEMENT: Progressive Maryland

Hiruy Hadgu

Our campaign has received another major endorsement!

Thank you to Progressive Maryland and Progressive Howard County.

I am grateful for this endorsement. It is yet another validation that our campaign is talking about the issues people care about.

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BIG ENDORSEMENT: Sierra Club Maryland

Hiruy Hadgu

Our campaign has received another major endorsement from the Sierra Club!

I am very grateful for this endorsement from a group of citizens who devote so much of their time on difficult issues to protect our environment.

Development and climate change affect our local communities. Too often, the cost of doing business does not include the impact on the environment.

Taxpayer dollars can only be protected once we incorporate externalities to the cost of doing business.

I am committed to ensuring our environment and county revenue is protected by calling for such measures.

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BIG ENDORSEMENT: The People's Voice

Hiruy Hadgu

I am so grateful that The People's Voice has endorsed my campaign for county council.

The People's Voice is a civic and political organization that works to provide information to the voter on county-specific issues and pushes for transparency in the county government's decision making process.

The organization is comprised of citizen activists who are hyper-engaged in county issues. They understand these issues on a very deep level. They advocate on the environment, growth management, on behalf of the disabled, and many more issues critical to residents of Howard County.

 Learn more about them here

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BIG ENDORSEMENT: Our Revolution Maryland

Hiruy Hadgu

I feel truly honored by this endorsement. It is yet another validation that my campaign for county council is about regular citizens; not special interests.

My deepest gratitude goes to the members of Our Revolution Maryland and Howard County, who have put their faith in me to effect local changes by breaking developer influence in county government.

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BIG ENDORSEMENT: Run for Something

Hiruy Hadgu

I am happy to share that I have received my first big endorsement from an organization that has been working tirelessly to support progressive candidates across the country.

Run for Something "recruit[s] and support[s] talented, passionate young people who will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench."

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