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Less Than 100 Days to Election Day

Hiruy Hadgu

The 2018 primaries will be held in June. Here are the times and locations for the two voting periods. Note that your early voting locations maybe different from the polling locations on election day.

Early voting: June 14th to 21st
Polling precinct locations: Find the locations here.

Election Day: Tuesday, June 26th.
Polling precinct locations: Find your location here.

Click here to check you voter registration status.

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My Typical Week as a Candidate for County Council

Hiruy Hadgu

It has been four months since I launched my campaign. It would be an understatement to say that this has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It has also been one of the most fulfilling. While I love data and dealing with policy, some of the issues can be arcane and require consultation of various resources. The most importation resources have been the numerous community leaders and activists I have spoken with.

Over the last four months, my campaign has focused on the issues. My discussion with several community leaders brought to my attention the issue of adequate public facilities and its impact on quality of life. Building on the hard work of many activists, we talked about the issues of segregation in the county. Specifically, the impact that zoning laws have on creating and maintaining segregated neighborhoods.

I have taken a hard stance against special interest. I am more than willing to compromise and collaborate to solve problems, but it will be with those who have good intentions for the county and consider themselves stakeholders. We need to restore trust in government.

I think a true progressive movement will not conflate the need for access to quality education, affordable housing, and welcoming community with the sort of out-of-control development taking place. When things get tough and financial hardships ensue, the people who get hurt are those we purport to help.

My campaign is evolving as I learn more about county issues. Over the next few months, I will share with you what I call "The Preferred Future". In short, it is a government that has an integrated approach to growth planning,  makes data based decisions, with compassion and empathy.

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I am running for County Council

Hiruy Hadgu

I believe that this is a pivotal moment in human history. What we do now will reverberate for decades to come. The quality of our schools, whether we care for the vulnerable and speak for the powerless, how we treat each other regardless of our differences, how we deal with the issue of climate change, these are all the most challenging issues of our time. 

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