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BIG ENDORSEMENT: The People's Voice


BIG ENDORSEMENT: The People's Voice

Hiruy Hadgu

I have exciting news!!

I am so grateful that The People's Voice has endorsed my campaign for county council.

The People's Voice is a civic and political organization that works to provide information to the voter on county-specific issues and pushes for transparency in the county government's decision making process.

When I decided to run for county council I had two main goals.

First, my camapign will not be influenced by special interests. Do not accept developer contributions.

Ethics Star Logo - Purple Back.jpg

Second, make sure that voters have as much information as possible on local issues to make an informed decision at the polls.

This information included my positions on those issues. Go here to learn more about my platform.

Some may know that I earned my U.S. citizenship in 2014. I cast my first vote ever in that year's election, which to me was a big deal. As a citizen, I consider it my biggest responsibility.

And, our democracy relies on the citizen's continued ability to discharge this most solemn duty. As the saying goes "we get the government we deserve". So we have to work hard to elect those who represent our interests.

As a candidate, my goal is to ensure that voters have accessible information on the most important issues, unencumbered by special interest agenda.

This is why I consider The People's Voice endorsement of my campaign such a great validator of these goals. They advocate for "Community Interests over Special Interests".

The organization is comprised of citizen activists who are hyper-engaged in county issues. They understand these issues on a very deep level. They advocate on the environment, growth management, on behalf of the disabled, and many more issues critical to residents of Howard County.

 Learn more about them here