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BIG ENDORSEMENT: Run for Something


BIG ENDORSEMENT: Run for Something

Hiruy Hadgu

I am happy to share that I have received my first big endorsement from an organization that has been working tirelessly to support progressive candidates across the country.

Run for Something "recruit[s] and support[s] talented, passionate young people who will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench."

Run for Something endorsed 65 candidates running for local office across 18 states and I am humbled to be one of these talented leaders.

You may see more of the candidates here:

The criteria and process for endorsement is provided here:

Here is this morning's Politico piece on the endorsement roll outs:

Thank you to all those who have contributed to my campaign and supported me so far.

I am not accepting developer contributions and I am running to bring about change in Howard County by working to break the grip that developers have on the county.

If you feel like residents have not had a voice in county government and that we need to break the influence that developers have on the county at our expense, this is your campaign.

Join our campaign. Subscribe or donate.