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County issues are complex. They vary by district, neighborhood and household. At the same time, there are also common problems that affect us all. My goal is to uncover what each and every one is facing so that we can make relevant and reasonable proposals. Over the next year or so, I intend to speak to every voter and community leader to gain a better understanding.



Advocate for a 21st century curriculum that gets our children ready for the ever-changing economy. We have already seen the impact of automation, globalized competition and climate change on our economy. Howard County has one of the best public school systems in the country. Overcrowding reduces the quality of education delivery by straining resources and increasing pressures on our teachers.

  • Strengthen STEM education to address the threat of climate change to allow our students to see opportunities and solve these problems.
  • Address the root causes of overcrowding and advocate for our school teachers. 


While the issue of equity is broad. The principle is simple. To ensure that the powerless receive as much voice as the powerful. As Howard County continues to grow and in many cases become dense, resources become constrained. Schools get overcrowded, housing becomes unaffordable, traffic congestion becomes an issue forcing us to spend more time on the roads, the list goes on. We need to ensure that growth benefits all.

  • Address the impact of growth and densification on the delivery of public facilities.
  • Advocate on behalf of the economically and politically powerless. No one should be left out of growth and opportunity.



The threat of climate change is an existential one. The damage to our communities due to natural disasters will continue to be expensive. In the absence of leadership from D.C., it is important for local communities to implement programs to deal with such threats. This starts from what we teach in our schools and how we prepare children to understand such issues. Citizens have also raised concerns regarding the impact that unabated land development has on the environment. These problems also affect disproportionately those with low income and minorities.

  • Implement pragmatic solutions to combat climate change that looks at long-term economic costs, not just short-term.
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing regulations related to mitigation of environmental damage due to land development.